School Shooting Threat Antidepressant 1999-04-16 Idaho **Teen Fires Gun in School

Paragraph 24 reads: "Shawn Cooper (April 16, 1999): In Notus, Idaho, Cooper fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly missing his classmates and teachers. According to his stepfather (i.e. grandfather), he was taking an antidepressant. "'A lot of things have crossed my mind,' Frank Cooper said sadly, trying to explain why the quiet youngster he raised in his God-fearing home went berserk. Frank Cooper and the boy's lawyer are now looking closely at the medication Shawn had been taking since January...Frank Cooper took his grandson to church and allowed him to enjoy boy things - baseball, sports cards, Christian rock music. Shawn even preached at a local church...After he was diagnosed with a condition where you fluctuate from deep depression to feelings of ecstasy, Shawn was given steady doses of anti-depressants...Frank Cooper thought he was helping his grandson by giving Shawn the drugs the doctor had prescribed. Now he's wondering whether he made a mistake." (Douglas Montero, "New York Post Commentary")"


"Infants dosed with Prozac...Research shows 5 per cent of Australian pediatricians have prescribed anti-psychotic drugs for children under three. The study has confirmed significant numbers of toddlers are taking anti-depressants, including Prozac, behaviour stimulants and anti-psychotic drugs...Royal Children's Hospital pediatrician Dr Daryl Efron, who headed the soon to be published study, said the results were concerning and highlighted the need for more research on the effects of such drugs given to children. Almost half the doctors surveyed said they had on occasion supplied psychotropic drugs to children aged under five...About 80 per cent of prescription medications have not been formally tested on children but are often prescribed by doctors..."
(Herald Sun, June 27, 2001, WND)

"...virtually all of the gun-related massacres that have made headlines over the past decade have had one thing in common: They were perpetrated by people taking Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil or a related antidepressant drug." (Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., "The Reason Behind the Madness")

I do not like the counterfeit religions of psychology and psychiatry. And I certainly do not like repeating information about murders and suicides (Eph.5:12), unless it is absolutely necessary to prove a crucial point. Life without a TV or major newspaper is a continual blessing. I do my best to handpick my news from Internet sites, conservative magazines and Christian newspapers, etc. that do not display graphic pictures or seek to thrill the bloodthirsty (Pr.29:10) in their reports. Depressing news, for the sake of entertainment (Acts 17:21) is insanity. In order to warn the saints, I have collected the following facts which reveal a strong link between psychotropic drugs and violent atrocities. As much as possible, I have listed the reports without the grisly details.

I have warned of the dangers of psychiatric drugs in KA Update #6 (March 6th, 1999), at the very time Harris was taking a psychotrophic drug and Klebold was seeing a "psychological counselor." The very next month (April), the two boys would commit their infamous school massacre. In the KA Updates that followed, I revealed that I do not place the entire blame for the modern increase in violence on psychology or psychiatric brain drugs. Nevertheless, in the same manner as alcohol entices sinful people to take off their clothes (Gen.9:21, Hab.2:15) and commit fornication and violence, these brain drugs sear the conscience (1 Tim.4:2) and therefore encourage blatant sins. These psychiatric drugs place their victims in a state the Bible calls "being past feeling" (Eph.4:19). In this state of numbness, "natural affection" is destroyed, and people who are troubled or angry will tend toward suicide or murder:

"These drugs can cause Akathisia, mental and physical agitation that sparks self-destructive, violent behavior. They can also induce dissociative reactions, making those who take the drugs INSENSITIVE to the consequences of their behavior." (Dr. J. Whitaker, Ibid.)

The Bible predicts that in the last days people will fall away into "fables" (i.e. psychological theories of man, etc.) and murders will increase (Rev.9:21, 2 Tim.3:13). They will be without natural affection (2 Tim.3:3). Man is now committing these horrible acts of murder because he is sinful and Satanically inspired. The Devil is using man's sinful love of money and power (1 Tim.6:10, Ec.7:12, 10:19) to dope up the nation and continue the "revolution" (i.e. destruction of America) that began in the 1960's. Sovereign nations like America must fall in line so Satan can experience his dream of ruling the whole world through the Antichrist (Rev.13). When chaos or murder is rampant, people panic and throw away their liberties.

Christians everywhere need to stand strong against this lie! Christians are intimidated to embrace the new religion of psychiatry with its new "biological, medical model", just like many embraced psychology decades ago. Psychiatry, with its drugs, pills, diseases, and brain chemistry terminology, is too much for many to contend against. Why not simply embrace it, give in to the monster, and let it share a place beside our Christianity? It is a trick! Even many secular leaders can see through the scam. Replacing God's truth (as revealed in the inspired Scriptures) with psychiatric brain dope is to embrace a broken cistern:

Jeremiah 2:13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

About a decade ago, a friend of mine had a brother-in-law that committed suicide. Before his death, he was placed on brain drugs and began hearing voices in his head. My own grandmother tells me of her experience with "suicidal thoughts" when a medical doctor once prescribed antidepressants to her. The following list contains only a sample out of hundreds of cases that could be cited. These cases reveal that murder (whether of self or others) is indeed often driven by psychiatric drugs:

-Rod Mathews (November 20, 1986): In Canton, Mass., Matthews (14) killed a classmate with a bat. He had been prescribed Ritalin since the third grade. ("Students, Prescription drugs and murder", Dec. 20, 2001, Bruce Wiseman, CCHR)

-Laurie Dann (May 1988): In Winnetka, Illinois, Dann began shooting at a second grade class. She killed one, wounded six, and then killed herself. Autopsy reports revealed that she was full of Anafranil and Lithium.

-James Wilson (September 26, 1988): In Greenwood, South Carolina, Wilson (19) walked into an elementary school and killed two 8-year-old girls. He wounded seven other children and two teachers. "Wilson had been in and out of the hands of psychiatrists for years and within 8 months of the killings he had been on several psychiatric drugs which can generate violent behavior. Since the age of 14, he had been given psychiatric drugs, including Xanax, Valium, Thorazine and Haldol." ("Students, Prescription drugs and murder," Ibid.)

-Patrick Purdy (Jan. 17, 1989): At a Cleveland elementary school, Purdy (25) murdered 5 children and wounded 29 others before killing himself. He had been treated by psychiatrists who put him on the mind altering drugs Thorazine and Amitriptyline.

-Joseph Westbecker (September 14, 1989): In Kentucky, Westbecker shot 20 Standard Gravure Corp. workers, killing 8 before killing himself. He was doing okay until his doctor gave him Prozac. "The doctor noted that he got agitated and possibly deluded, and he said 'stop the prozac,' and it was days after that, with the prozac still in his system, that he committed these murders and suicide." (Peter Breggin, "Nobody Show," Jan. 24, 1996)

-Abby Hoffman (1989): At the age of 52, activist and author Hoffman committed suicide. He had been taking Prozac. ("Nobody Show", Jan. 24, 1996)

-Jarred Viktor (1995): In California, 16-year-old Viktor was convicted of first-degree murder for stabbing his grandmother multiple times. Ten days earlier, Jarred had been prescribed the anti-depressant Paxil. None of that class of drugs had been approved by the FDA for use in kids with depression. "'What jumped out at me,' says psychiatrist Alan Abrams, who testified for the defense at Jarred's trial, 'was this very withdrawn kid who started acting as though he was primed to explode' days after he started taking Paxil. Abrams believes the drug caused Jarred to become violent." ("U.S. News," March 6, 2000)

-Matt Miller (1997): Miller, a 13-year-old from Overland Park, Kansas, was given free samples of Zoloft by his psychiatrist. Seven days later, Matt killed himself. ("U.S. News," March 6, 2000)

-Jeremy Strohmeyer (May 25, 1997): 18-year-old Strohmeyer raped and murdered a 7-year-old girl in Las Vegas, Nevada. Strohmeyer had been prescribed Dexedrine, a Ritalin-like drug, just before the killing. ("Students, Prescription drugs and murder," Dec. 20, 2001, Bruce Wiseman, CCHR)

-Luke Woodham (October 1st, 1997): In Pearl Mississippi, Woodham (16) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others. Published reports state that Woodham was on Prozac. ("Students, Prescription drugs and murder," Ibid.)

-Michael Carneal (Dec 1, 1997): In West Paducah, Kentucky, Carneal killed three students and wounded five others at a prayer meeting. Carneal was reportedly on Ritalin. (CCHR; also, James L. Hirsen, Ph.D)

-Matthew Beck (March 7, 1998): At a lottery in Connecticut, Beck killed four people and then committed suicide. He had been taking Luvox. (Dr. Ann Blake Tracy,

-Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden (March 25, 1998): Two young cousins, Johnson (13) and Golden (11), fired 27 shots in Jonesboro, Arkansas at Westside Middle School. Four girls and a teacher were killed, and 11 people were wounded. A white van was found about a half-mile from the school with guns and ammunition in it. Mitchell Johnson was being treated by a psychiatrist and is presumed to have been on medication. "Dr Alan Lipman of Georgetown University, who was one of the experts interviewed on network television after the Littleton shootings, remarked that at least one of the boys who committed murder in Jonesboro had been 'treated' before the incident, for violent behavior. Treated how? With Prozac, with Zoloft, with a combination of antidepressants?" (The Truth Seeker Foundation, "School Violence: The Psychiatric Drugs Connection")

-Kip Kinkel (May 21, 1998): In Springfield, Oregon, 15 year old Kinkel killed his parents and then the next day walked into Thurston High School cafeteria and sprayed 50 rounds from a semiautomatic rifle. He killed two students and wounded 25 others. In his confession letter found at his home he stated that he heard voices in his head telling him to kill. He had been placed on Ritalin in middle school. Kinkel met with a child psychologist nine times between January and June, 1997. He was then placed on Prozac. After the killings, he spoke with psychologists and accused the government of placing chips in his head. (PBS Online- Frontline)

-Shawn Cooper (April 16, 1999): In Notus, Idaho, Cooper fired two shotgun rounds, narrowly missing his classmates and teachers. According to his stepfather (i.e. grandfather), he was taking an antidepressant. "'A lot of things have crossed my mind,' Frank Cooper said sadly, trying to explain why the quiet youngster he raised in his God-fearing home went berserk. Frank Cooper and the boy's lawyer are now looking closely at the medication Shawn had been taking since January...Frank Cooper took his grandson to church and allowed him to enjoy boy things - baseball, sports cards, Christian rock music. Shawn even preached at a local church...After he was diagnosed with a condition where you fluctuate from deep depression to feelings of ecstasy, Shawn was given steady doses of anti-depressants...Frank Cooper thought he was helping his grandson by giving Shawn the drugs the doctor had prescribed. Now he's wondering whether he made a mistake." (Douglas Montero, "New York Post Commentary")

-Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (April 20, 1999): Harris (18) and Klebold (17), in Littleton, Colorado, killed 12 students and 1 teacher in Columbine High School before killing themselves. 23 others were injured. Harris had been taking the drug Luvox for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. In an report (1999), psychiatrists comforted the masses by a pitiful attempt to hide any personal guilt: "...Harris, one of the two teenaged gunmen, was seeing a psychiatrist and had been prescribed the antidepressant Luvox. Investigators at the scene of the accident speculated that the drug may have played a role in the massacre. 'These medicines for the most part are really quite safe,' says child psychiatrist Dr. John Dunne of Renton, Wash. 'They're an enormous step forward from what we used to have.'" Arianna Huffington is closer to the truth when she writes: "These antidepressants clearly did not exorcise the teenagers' demons. The question we should be urgently asking is: did they embolden them?" ("After Littleton: Antidepressants in the Bloodstream")

-T. J. Solomon (May 20, 1999): 15-year-old T.J. Solomon Jr. shot 6 classmates in Conyers, Atlanta. The New York Times reported that he had been taking Ritalin and was being treated for depression. (Evangelical Press News Service, May 30, 1999)

-Mark Barton (July 29, 1999): Barton killed his wife and two children and then gunned down 21 people in two brokerage firms in Atlanta, killing nine. The shootings were the deadliest mass killings in Atlanta history. Police found several capsules of the anti-depressant drug Prozac in his van. (Reuters, Sept. 1, 1999)

-Larry Gene Ashbrook (Sept. 15, 1999): In a Fort Worth, Texas church, Ashbrook killed seven people and himself. "A doctor had prescribed the anti-depressant drug Prozac for Larry Gene Ashbrook". ("Ft. Worth Star Telegram," Sept.20, 1999)

-Andrea Yates? (June 20, 2001): Yates is charged with killing her five children in Houston. "In an interview with the online edition of Newsweek, Andrea Yates' brother, Andrew P. Kennedy, said his sister was hospitalized several months ago..." (AP, June 28, 2001)

Still More Examples:

"Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hartman (Zoloft)...Neal Furrow, in LA Jewish school shooting was reported to have been court ordered to be on Prozac along with several other medications; the Salt Lake Family History Library shooting, school shootings in Littleton, Colorado (Luvox), Atlanta, Georgia, Springfield, Oregon (Prozac), and Caldwell, Idaho; another boy in Pocatello, ID in 1998 who in seizure activity from Zoloft had a stand off at the school; 15 year old Chris Shanahan (Paxil) in Rigby, ID who out of the blue killed a woman;...the New York City Subway bombing by Edward Leary (Prozac); little 10 year old Timmy (Prozac) in southern Florida; Nick Mansies (Paxil) in New Jersey who was convicted of killing a little boy who was selling cookies door to door; in Orange County, CA Dana Sue Gray (Paxil) who co-workers described as a very caring nurse killed several elderly people; Officer Stephen Christian (Prozac) one of the finest officers on the Dallas Police force, who ran into a police substation shooting at fellow officers and was killed; 13 year old Chris Fetters (Prozac) in Iowa who killed her favorite aunt; David Rothman
(Prozac) killed two co-workers and himself at the Dept. of Agriculture in Ingelwood, CA; Williams Evans (Zoloft) shot one co-worker at the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services before shooting himself in Columbus, OH; Winatchee, WA where 43 people were wrongfully imprisoned in a false accusation of sexual abuse 'witch hunt' fury started by a child under the influence of Prozac and Paxil; Christopher Vasquez (Zoloft) killed Michael McMorrow in Central Park; Megan Hogg (Prozac) duct taped the mouths and noses of her three little girls and took a handful of pills; Vera Espinoza (Prozac) in Randolph, VT shot her small son and daughter before shooting herself; an elderly man (Prozac) in Layton, UT axed his wife and daughter to death; Margaret Kastanis (Prozac) used a knife and hammer to kill her three children before stabbing herself to death; an elderly man (Paxil) in Dallas, TX strangled his wife before shooting himself..; Larramie Huntzinger (Zoloft) blacked out and ran his car into three young girls killing two in Salt Lake City, UT; Mary Hinkelman (Prozac), a nurse in Baroda, MI shot her two small daughters and her sister before shooting herself; Lisa Fox (Prozac) shot her small son and her dog before shooting herself in Brighton, MI; Debi Louselle (Zoloft) shot daughter and then herself in Salt Lake City, UT; a father in Wyoming shot his wife, daughter and baby grand-daughter then himself after only days on Paxil; a mother (Prozac) in Pleasant Grove, UT killed her 17 year old son...; Larry Butzz, a superintendent of schools in Ames, IA shot his wife, son and daughter before shooting himself - many cases pending in court are not mentioned. This is only a handful of MANY, MANY more cases - there would not be room for anything else if I continued listing the cases. A few additional famous victims: Princess Di (Prozac) and Dodi Fayed - via their driver Henri Paul (Prozac)...Chris Farley (Prozac), Pres. Clinton's ex-partner Jim Mc Dougal (Prozac), Abby Hoffman (Prozac), Del Shannon (Prozac), Danielle Steele's son (Prozac), INXS singer Michael Hutchence (Prozac), Sarah - Dutchess of York (Phen-Fen)...The latest figures show Prozac has about 44,000 adverse reports filed with the FDA. Out of those reports there are about 2500 deaths with the large majority of them linked to suicide or violence." (Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, "The Aftermath of Prozac...")

In closing this dreadful list of facts (that I do wish was unnecessary), I will quote Peter Breggin (psychiatrist, and critic of psychiatry). He writes:

"Well first of all it's a psychiatric drug [Prozac], it's a drug that modifies the brain and the mind so that the question to start with is, is this something that people want to do? Is that a way to approach personal suffering? Is it by fooling around and tampering with your neurotransmitters?...its clinical effect is very similar to amphetamines and cocaine, and I document that very heavily in 'Talking back to Prozac'...What you're basically doing with prozac is you're flooding the connections in the brain with chemical sparks called serotonin by stopping serotonin from being removed and destroyed, you flood it, that's what prozac does. It stops the removal of serotonin. That jacks up the whole system. It's just as if you had no way of pulling the fuel out of your carburetor, no way of controlling the spark, the ignition process, you're jacking up the ignition process...I'm certain that what I'm saying is true because I was the medical expert in the first and thus far only product liability lawsuit against Lilly which Lilly settled for a large, secret amount of money sometime after my testimony and before it went to the jury...there are about 160 suits out against Eli Lilly, for murder and suicide mostly, people who either committed murder or suicide or mutilated themselves or done something horribly violent on Prozac...Ritalin is a stimulant, it's closely related to amphetamines. See, prozac has similar effects to amphetamine, but ritalin really is amphetamine, it's basically speed. And it has all the problems of that drug, including addiction, withdrawal problems, producing the very things it's supposed to cure, inattention and things like that, and then there's just the whole idea of giving drugs to a growing young the '60s ritalin was a street drug. And when the 'just say no to drugs' campaign was developed for children a decade or so ago, one of the drugs of greatest concern was ritalin, along with amphetamines. So it's exactly the same drug that was a very heavy street drug...We don't have any substances to put in the brain to make it work better. All we can do is knock out some of its function or, as in the case of prozac, jack up some of its function. Those are abnormalities, so we don't know how to do anything but produce abnormalities in the brain. Now my colleagues, who are ever-fascinated with the big lie, claim that patients have biochemical imbalances in the brain and that it's terrible to have them. In fact there's no evidence that patients with psychiatric labels have imbalances in their brain, until they get drugs. And once you have a psychiatric drug you have huge imbalances in your brain. That's what they do...The last resort of the educated person these days tends to be the psychiatrist. That means that psychiatrists are really our priests. That they constitute our religion." ("The Nobody Show," 1-24-96)

Note: In weaning off of these drugs, doctors advise shaving minuscule amounts off of the pills each day instead of cutting them in half or taking a pill every other day, etc. See a true medical doctor concerning the safest way to stop taking these drugs.

KAU #120 (6-30-01)